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In Japan,
these plates the size of your palm are called 'mamezara'. 'MAME' means 'beans' and 'zara' is the plural of 'sara' (meaning 'plate' in Japanese), and because small and cute things are described with the word 'MAME', the word 'mamezara' came to be.
These mamezara that we've gathered from all over Japan are here for you to use as an accent to your space or any other way you'd like.

MAME is Mamezara

Mamezara are small plates of Japanese origin. In ancient Japan, they were used to place salt as it wards off evil sprits. Today they are used for condiments that accompany the main dish on the table.

MAME is Art

These small delicate plates each resemble traditional Japanese patterns and the four seasons of Japan. You can see the beauty of art the Japanese people hold within.


animal art print


collection of lucky

MAME is Match

Our countless Mamezara will be a match to any scene, including holidays, happy occasions and that special someone. Mix and match these Japanese wabisabi styles.

MAME is En

The Japanese word 'EN' has two meanings: 'round' used to describe harmony, and 'good connection', also expressed as 'GOEN'. These round shaped Mamezara will bring you new encounters!


flower white porcelain




Japanese pottery


chinese phoenix


hand painted blue and white


metallic collection "Lin"